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Bolivia honeymoons

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  • Few countries in the world can offer the exuberance of nature as well as a rich historical and cultural background, as Bolivia. One such example is the significance of the Pachamama, otherwise known as 'Mother Earth'. Shrines to Her are everywhere. Traditions are also easier to uphold in a country still so steeped in antiquity, from the remnants of the ancient Aymará civilization who lived on Lake Titicaca around 1500 BC, to the Incas in the Bolivian highlands, to the people who forged great ruins of rock at Tiahuanaco. 'Mother Earth' is kind in return: Bolivia is beautiful and striking with, currently, 10 national parks and eight protected areas. Bolivia is now landlocked but never feels claustrophobic, blessed with breathtaking lakes and lofty mountains. It is difficult to know what is more stunning: the Bolivian's gentle struggle to survive amidst a legacy of poverty and unrest, or the struggle of the Altiplano to ascend ever higher.
  • It’s the hemisphere’s highest, most isolated and most rugged nation. It’s among the earth’s coldest, warmest, windiest and steamiest spots. It boasts among the driest, saltiest and swampiest natural landscapes in the world. Although the poorest country in South America (and boy do Bolivians get tired of hearing that), it’s also one of the richest in terms of natural resources. It’s also South America’s most indigenous country, with over 60% of the population claiming indigenous heritage, including Aymará, Quechua, Guaraní and over 30 other ethnic groups. Bolivia has it all…except, that is, for beaches.

Simply superlative ; this is Bolivia!!

  • Best time to visit: May to October
  • Visa Requirements: No requirement for tourist stay under 30 days
  • Health Advise:
  • Time Difference: -4 hours GMT
  • Population: 8.8 million
  • Language: Spanish & Aymara
  • Capital City: La Paz
  • Currency: Boliviano

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